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Daphnia Zooplankton Culturing Made Simple

Daphnia Culturing Made Simple

Simplified Freshwater Zooplankton Daphnia Culturing Introduction Many aquarium enthusiasts often ask us how to culture freshwater zooplankton Daphnia throughout the year successfully. Whether you’re preparing to feed newborn axolotls, koi, guppies, discus, angelfish, flower horns, or bettas, starting a Daphnia culture is crucial. Understanding Zooplankton Daphnia Commonly known as “water

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Copepod Culturing

Copepod Culturing Copepods culturing at home is easy but has received a bad reputation in the past from people that try to grow copepod using live algae or artificial feeds. Live algae requires too much water turnover and can typically only produce low densities due to the small volume of

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