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Why You Need a Sieve for Your Tank

You may or may not have heard of the use of sieves in aquaculture. Sieves can be useful in many ways but many people still are not sure why and how they can use them. Here at Aquatic Live Food, we love to share our knowledge and help you find

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What Do Chitons Eat

What Do Chitons Eat?

What are Chitons? Chitons have a shell on their back made up of eight separate shell plates or valves. On different species, the plates have different colours, patterns, and textures. These plates are made from calcium carbonate and overlap a little at the front and back edges. The plates can

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Dinoflagellates Zooplankton

Dinoflagellates Zooplankton – Part 1

Dinoflagellates have an infamous reputation for aquarium hobbyists and there is a good reason why. Dino’s are essentially a type of algae that grow and reproduce in your tank and some species are even parasites on zooplankton, fish or other organisms.

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