Tips for your Aquarium in Self-Isolation

Are you one of the many Australian’s self-isolating? Or maybe you work from home regularly? These tips will help you create positive outcomes for your aquarium. So you can not only survive the coming weeks but enjoy them too!

1. Learn more about Plankton and Phytoplankton

Have you heard about plankton (live food) and phytoplankton (algae)? Do you even purchase these products from us on a regular basis? How much do you actually know about these species though? You can find many informative articles in our blog, which is updated regularly. You’ll find articles on Freshwater Copepods, Daphnia, Culturing Algae and even a guide on Acclimation. So, if you have more time on your hands than you are used to, there’s no better reason to jump onto our blog and find out something you may have never known. You can visit our blog here.

2. Culture Your own Live Food

If you’ve come across the idea of culturing live foods in the past you would have realised how much money and time it would save you in the long-run. Our Home Culture System is a great project for a time when you are stuck at home. Aquatic Live Food’s HCS will be delivered directly to your home and comes with everything you need to culture and harvest your very own live food. Yes, the kit may be expensive initially. However, setting up this kit successfully means you’ll save a LOT of money in the long-run by eliminating the need to purchase live food. If you also set-up a phytoplankton culture with our Algae Culture Kits, you’ll have a fully functioning aquaria eco-system.

3. Connect with other Aquaria Hobbyists

It is important now, more than ever, to stay social and interact with others in this time of self-isolation. Thanks to today’s advanced digital networks, we have the ability to interact with others via forums, social media networks and more! You can find fellow aquaria, hobbyists, by visiting the Aquatic Live Food Facebook page and Instagram page. You and these followers all share the same hobby! Connecting with them is a great way to learn more about your aquaria hobby. We will be posting regularly on our socials and you can always direct message us with any queries. You can also stay connected by subscribing to our monthly e-newsletter via Facebook or our website. If you don’t know how to subscribe, simply email us at and we’ll do it for you! Being a subscriber also means you’ll receive additional discounts and deals throughout the year.

4. Share the Word

Maybe you have recently discovered the difference that live food makes on your aquarium in comparison to dried food. Or maybe you’ve used the live food technique for years. Either way, there are still many home aquarium owners that have never heard about live food! There are many ways you can share the word about Aquatic Live Food:

  • Refer people to our website
  • Sign up a friend to our e-newsletter –send an email to your friend with us included, telling them about live foods and you and your friend will both receive 10% off your next purchase!
  • Share our page on Facebook – make sure to tag us in the post as we will send you a special coupon

You can also be rest-assured that Aquatic Live Food is an online shop and will continue to deliver goods as long as Australia Post continues to operate. You can always trust us to deliver your goods hygienically and safely. Stay safe during this time and we look forward to seeing the positives that come out in your aquarium!