Tips to Save Money on Aquarium Goods

In every hobbyist’s journey, there might come a point when tightening the budget becomes essential. At Aquatic Live Food, we recognize the importance of continuing your passion for aquariums, even during financially challenging times. With this in mind, we’ve curated a list of tips to save money on aquarium goods, ensuring you can enjoy and nurture your aquatic haven without breaking the bank. Dive into our cost-effective strategies for all your aquarium essentials…

Subscribe to Save Money on Aquarium Good

We have recently added the option to subscribe to various products in our store. When subscribing to a product, the benefits are two-fold: you receive a substantial discount and guaranteed delivery of your goods at the frequency of your choice. Many of our popular products, like Copepods, MicroMagic, and Combos, all have subscription options. However, if there is a product you would like to subscribe to and there is not yet a subscribe option, you can let us know, and we can set it up for you. Click here to view all the subscriptions we currently have on offer.

Culture Your Own Aquarium Good

Culturing your own live foods and phytoplankton is a surefire way of saving money in the long term. Aquatic Live Food has all the products you need to culture your live foods at home, including copepods, rotifers, daphnia, amphipods, and more! The main product that facilitates this process is the Home Culture System, which includes all the equipment you need to culture live foods, plus the live foods themselves to start you off!

We also have fantastic Live Algae Culture Kits perfect for culturing your phytoplankton. Many people find that it’s easier to start with culturing phytoplankton and go on to culturing their own live foods too. Our Live Algae Culture Kits are a perfect place to start culturing phytoplankton as they have all the equipment to get you started, including the live algae strain of your choice! We have these kits available in both Marine and Freshwater to suit all kinds of aquariums. We have listed each strain and details to help you decide which you want to culture. You can find these details on the product pages.

Many people ask us if it’s possible to culture the MicroMagic mix; unfortunately, it is not. Algae strains are difficult to culture when mixed as they are in this product, so it’s most effective to culture each strain individually, and you can even mix them yourself once you’re ready to use them as a food source for your tank.

Choose a Combo

We have many combo deals on our website shop, discounted as a package. These combo deals have been created for products commonly purchased together and, therefore, are a convenient way for people to purchase and save money.

Stay Tuned for Sales

At Aquatic Live Food, we try to make buying your goods as practical as possible, ensuring a sale running at least every 1-2 months. By subscribing to our newsletter and keeping up to date on our social channels, you can save anywhere from 10-30% off goods, sometimes even more. Shipping can also be an extra cost, so we have sales that include free shipping! When sales are on, stock up on products you know you will use all year round to avoid full-price costs later.