Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to seek out live foods grown in an environmentally sustainable larviculture facility.

Please select the type of zooplankton you have received for the instructions and information on the unpacking, acclimation and addition to there new home.

When you first receive your copepods open the bag carefully and slowly allow light onto the container. A sudden flash of bright light will certainly send them scurrying, many stop still and may look dead for a time. We see this when checking livestock under the microscope. Once in the light open the lid to allow air into the container and pour them into another container for the acclimation process.

All of us at Aquatic Live Food really hope your fish enjoy our live goods.

DOA* If the email of the dead goods is not sent within 2 hours of delivery we reserve the right to not resend or refund. Our live zooplankton cannot make changes to the living conditions unlike a dog or cat that can move to a cooler position. So if you or someone is not there to receive the live goods and they sit in the outdoors etc. we may refuse to replace or refund.