Which Copepod Type do I need for my Tank?

As we have added many new species of Copepods to our website, you may be wondering which type of copepod is best for your fish species and tank…


There are many types of copepods here are the three main groups. These groups are as follows:



Compared to the other groups, harpacticoid copepods have an elongate body shape. Though these pods are pelagic during their nauplii stages, harpacticoid copepods then settle onto the substrate and assume a benthic lifestyle as adults. They are heavily detritivorous, but will happily eat any microalgal films they may find.



This copepod has a barrel-shaped body and is herbivorous also calanoida are the most abundant copepod group in the marine environment. Most calanoida live an entirely planktonic existence. Of the three major copepod groups, calanoida have the largest body size. Our calanoida species live a pelagic life; internationally they are used as a high-quality feed for larval and juvenile fish. They also swim with a jerky movement that is very attractive to young fishes.



This copepod has a pear-shaped body that ends in a rugged forked tail, cyclopoid copepods are distinguished by their very large and well-developed first antennae. Cyclopoids are true omnivores, consuming anything from fine particulate organic matter to bacterial plankton from the water column.


Here is a table we have created with a list of common marine fish species under each type of copepod:


Harpacticoid Calanoid Cyclopoid
Green Mandarin Pipefish Angelfish
Spotted Mandarin Dwarf Seahorses Butterfly Fish
Dragonets Juvenile Seahorses Anthias Chromis
Scooter Blennies Anthias Chromis Black Coral
Dotty backs Firefish Chili Coral
Wrasses Gobies Angelfish Carnation Coral
Chili Coral Butterfly Fish Lace Coral
LPS Corals Gorgonians Sun Corals Porcelain Crabs
Ornamental Shrimp LPS Corals Jellyfish
Porcelain Crabs Chili Coral  
Anemone Carnation Coral  
Crabs Lace Coral  
Jellyfish Black Coral  
Octopus Porcelain Crabs  
Basket Stars Anemone  
Feather Stars Jellyfish  
  Basket Stars  
  Feather Stars  



Don’t see your fish species?

If you don’t see your fish species here and would like to know which type of copepod is BEST for your fish, feel free to send us an email or message and ask.


You can also view the Youtube video we published on this topic here!


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