Become an Aquatic Live Food Retailer

We provide wholesale aquatic livestock to Australian aquarium and pet store retailers

Aquatic Live Food (ALF) has the widest range of live aquarium items available, from any Australian wholesaler. The ALF range contains a wide variety of both freshwater and marine fish foods, endorsed and supported by our most fastidious customers Monash University, University of Melbourne , University of Tasmania ANU & IMAS, Macquarie University, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne Aquarium and Sea World to name a few our range of rotifers, copepods, amphipods, shrimp and live algae is second to none in the Australian Aquarium Retail Market place and our unique packaging. All backed by Australia’s only comprehensive live food training, university researched, lab tested and technical support program, designed to increase the nutritional value of the live foods you sell and use and thus increase your sales and improve your business profitability as customers continue to return for more quality product.

Benefits of Being an Aquatic Live Food Retailer

In addition to having the widest ranges of wholesale aquarium live foods to choose from, being an Aquatic Live Food stockist has many advantages including:

  • Regular email communications regarding current sales, promotions, competitions, industry news & events and more.
  • Access to our Online Ordering System which enables you to place orders quickly and easily.
  • Access to our AquaPoints program that makes claiming credits simpler then ever before.
  • Business listing on our Store Locator app.

To qualify and maintain discounted purchasing

  • Have made 3 purchases in the previous month.
  • Make at least one purchase each month.

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