Why You Need a Sieve for Your Tank

You may or may not have heard of the use of sieves in aquaculture. Sieves can be useful in many ways but many people still are not sure why and how they can use them. Here at Aquatic Live Food, we love to share our knowledge and help you find the best possible ways to manage your tank, so we have put together the top three reasons that a sieve is useful for your tank. But firstly, what is a sieve? In aquaculture, a sieve is a container with a base of mesh. These mesh sizes range from 37-800 microns! So the holes are very tiny and mostly not visible with the naked eye.

Help separate your critters

The most common reason sieves are used in aquaculture is to separate the creatures in the tank. This is especially useful if you have one or more creatures such as; copepods, rotifers, and amphipods. The sieves are also stackable which means you can separate multiple critters at once. You simply need to make sure you have a mesh size for each creature. At Aquatic Live Food, we have mesh sizes for; CopepodsRotifers are so named because the circular arrangement of moving cilia (tiny hairlike structures) at the front end resembles a rotating wheel.”>Rotifers L strain, of moving cilia (tiny hairlike structures) at the front end resembles a rotating wheel.” Rotifers SS strain, Amphipods, Isopods, Baby Brine Shrimp and Silicates.

Minimise pollutants

Sieves can also be used to minimise pollutants in your tank that would otherwise enter. When adding new water or creatures to the tank, you can use the sieve to separate any unwanted water or pollutants for a nice, clean result.

Adding new cultures

When adding new creatures or cultures to your tank, a sieve can help. A sieve can ensure that only the essential elements enter the tank and no unwanted pests go through. This prevents greater issues from arising in the future such as unwanted algae or pests. If you’re going to have an aquarium with live food, it’s best to do it the right way – with a sieve.