Erlenmeyer Flask Graduated 1000ml Boro Glass


Due to the increased quantity of glass, the mechanical sturdiness is significantly improved compared to standard beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks. A further product advantage is the strengthened (tooled) rim, which also provides additional impact resistance and considerably reduces the risk of breakage.

– Boiling flasks and general laboratory glassware
– Increased mechanical sturdiness due to increased uniform wall thickness
– Reinforced, sturdy rim
– Uniform wall thickness distribution

– Easy-to-read scale
– Fired-on, extremely durable printing

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Erlenmeyer Flask Graduated 1000ml Boro Glass with 2 hole stopper is perfect for culturing live phytoplankton. When used with the magnetic spinner and set on low, you will have your culture growing at full speed. With the two-hole rubber stopper running both air or CO2 the culture will be very dense.


  • This flask has a higher quantity of glass and therefore has an enhanced level of sturdiness compared to regular beakers and flasks.
  • Furthermore, this flask has a stronger rim which provides more impact resistance and also reduces the risk of breakage.
  • This Erlenmeyer Flask Graduated 1000ml Boro Glass is perfect for intermediate aquarium hobbyists who want to culture their own algae (phytoplankton).
  • Culturing your own phytoplankton as live food and nutrient control (maintenance) for your aquarium is very rewarding and enjoyable.


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Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 130 × 130 × 230 mm