Freshwater Amphipods


This Freshwater Amphipods pack comes with a mix of adult and sub-adult amphipods, along with a generous portion of macroalgae. Measuring less than 1cm, these beneficial invertebrates are excellent grazers, keeping both micro and macroalgae in check in your aquarium.



This Freshwater Amphipods pack includes adult and sub-adult amphipods a thriving handful of macroalgae. These species are typically less than 1cm long. Among the more beneficial invertebrates, we can introduce to our aquarium tanks, our freshwater amphipods are prodigious grazers of microalgae and macroalgae.



  • Freshwater Amphipods help control the growth of algae that might otherwise reach takeover levels. This species breeds easily in captivity so they are beneficial for your main tank. Amphipods will not overpopulate your system as they are limited by space and available food.
  • These eggs will develop into swimming larvae which will then be released directly into the water column in the aquarium. Many types of fish feed on these critters, including bettas and many others.



  • Please use only captive-bred organisms in your aquarium. Mature female Freshwater Amphipods bear a marsupium, or brood pouch, which holds their eggs while they are fertilized, and until the young are ready to hatch.
  • As the female ages, she produces more eggs in each brood. There are no larval stages; the eggs will hatch directly into a juvenile form and will reach sexual maturity after 6 moults.



  • Place the amphipods either in the tank or filter floss compartment to start off your culture.
  • Do not just drop them into your aquarium tank as the fish will eat them and it will be an expensive dinner.


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