Automatic Water Replenisher


The Water Replenisher is perfect to help top up water in any aquarium or culture.

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This Automatic Water Replenisher is perfect to help top up water in any aquarium or culture.



  • Material: Made from ABS plastic
  • Practical: Firstly, you don’t need electricity as the water replenisher adds water to your tank. When the water level drops, the water in the bottle will automatically flow into the water tank due to pressure.
  • Make Silent: It has an interface inside, which can be connected to the air pipe to make it silent.
  • Simple installation: it is double fixed and can be installed on a single side or right angle.
  • Application: You can use a variety of bottles to attach to this device.

Size: 75 x 45mm


Automatic Water Replenisher includes:

  • 1 Piece Automatic Water replenisher
  • 1 Piece Tube
  • 1 Piece Adapter


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