5 Ways to Improve Your Aquarium in 2021

It’s a New Year which means it’s time for some resolutions. Find out how to improve your aquarium in the New Year with our top 5 tips below…


1. Use Live Foods

If you are reading this blog article, and have followed us for a while, there is a good chance you are already using live foods over dried foods in your aquarium. However, some of you may use live foods occasionally and still use dried foods. It’s important to know the difference that live foods have on your aquarium’s overall health. Not only is it real, nutritious food for your fish and coral, but it also keeps the water healthy. A good example is copepods which are commonly referred to as ‘cleaners’ of aquariums as they eat up all the algae and particles you don’t want.


2. Keep Your Aquarium Clean(er)

Keeping an aquarium clean is a mission that we all strive for. There are lots of basic things you can do to ensure your aquarium keeps clean. These include; regular water replacements, keeping live foods such as copepods or daphnia to eat up unwanted algae, and having good phytoplankton such as MicroMagic, in Marine or Freshwater. However, one of the best ways to clean your aquarium water is with the renowned Vibrant Aquarium Cleaner. This product is made from all-natural products and contains all the nutrients to clean up and replenish your aquarium’s water, ensuring it is healthy and clear for your fish and coral.


3. Learn More

One of the best things you can do for your aquarium is to educate yourself. Here, at Aquatic Live Food, we have made it our vision to educate our community in all areas of aquaculture. We have many different things you can do to ensure you receive a wealth of information and dedicate yourself to learning more in 2021:

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4. Subscribe to Products

Ensure that your fish and coral are getting adequate nutrients year-round with our product subscriptions. You can take the hassle out of ordering every week, fortnight, or month with the option to subscribe and have the products automatically delivered to you. Choose your frequency, depending on how often you need the products, and set up a payment method. Enjoy the discount and relax as the products arrive at your door as you need them! For more information on our subscriptions, contact us, or visit the subscription products on our website.


5. Participate in the Aquaculture Community

By participating in the community of aquaculture, you can not only make good friends but also receive and share tips and knowledge with fellow aquaculturists. You can also contact us with any questions and feedback, and you can even send us requests for future blog articles and YouTube videos.


Good luck to you and your aquarium in 2021…We are in this together!