All about MicroMagic and the Benefits to your Aquarium

What is MicroMagic?


MicroMagic is a nutritious mixture of four Live Phytoplankton strains; Nano, Iso, Tet, and Thal (these are the abbreviated names and we will go into detail about them further into the article).


This specific combination of strains is great for feeding copepods, corals, clams, and other filter-feeding inverts.


MicroMagic is a hand-selected blend of the most nutritious Live Phytoplankton strains available. This is the same blend we use to feed our own cultures of Marine Mix Live Copepods, Calanoid Copepods and Red Copepods in our facility.



What kind of Aquarium Benefits from MicroMagic?


Put simply, all aquariums will benefit from the use of MicroMagic. However, fof course the most benefits would be found in those aquariums which have live foods such as copepods, rotifers, amphipods or daphnia. This is because the phytoplankton in MicroMagic will feed the live foods.


Aquariums with corals will also be at an advantage with corals feeding off these strains of phytoplankton.


A Natural Tank Cleanser


As a Live product, MicroMagic will also actively seek out and consume nitrates and phosphates in your aquarium before they can contribute to nuisance algae growth. This means you get fewer algae and crystal-clear water.


If you have live foods, you will also start to see them grow and cultivate as they consume the phytoplankton.


Continued use of MicroMagic will also stabilize the pH levels in your aquarium water. This is due to the way that phytoplankton is naturally part of the eco-system of both marine and freshwater environments.



More about the strains




Nannochloropsis gaditana: Non-flagellated Yellow/Green: 1-5 microns

This tiny green alga consumes several nitrogen waste compounds including ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. As a result, Nano being included in MicroMagic helps if you have an overfeeding problem, if you are adding a new critter to your tank, or if you want to reduce the frequency of water changes.




Tetraselmis sp: Green Biflagellate: 6-10 microns

With a rich and varied amino/ fatty acid profile, Tetraselmis in the MicroMagicprovides a very nutritional feed for your marine life. Large aquaculture facilities commonly use Tetra due to its highly nutritional makeup.



Isochrysis galbana: Brown Biflagellate: 10-14 microns

This complex brown algae is high in DHA and is also often used to enrich zooplankton such as copepods and brine. Dosing your tank with Isochrysis within MicroMagic will also boost zooplankton and copepod levels. It will also help with the development, colouration, and resilience of your marine life. Oysters, clams, mussels, and scallops all love Isochrysis!




Thalassiosira weissflogii: Unflagellated Diatom: 5-32 microns

Thal is the largest strain of phytoplankton we offer. As a beneficial diatom, this alga in MicroMagic consumes silicates, restricting the growth of harmful dinoflagellates and silicates. Cycle time is reduced by adding Thal to your tank.