Health benefits of a home aquarium

At Aquatic Live Food, we are passionate about aquariums and all things involved with them. Fish, coral, phytoplankton, macro-algae, you name it! But what we also know is that we aren’t the only ones who love owning a home aquarium. So we went out on a search to find out exactly why people enjoy aquariums and more importantly, the benefits involved, we came to find some interesting outcomes! So if you are on the fence about investing in an aquarium of your own, you may be surprised as to why going ahead with the decision is the best choice.

1. Keeping an aquarium can help lower blood pressure

In some studies, researchers found that the effects of observing an aquarium are similar to the effects of hypnosis. The movement of the fish proved to be the source of relaxation and the greater amount of fish, the higher the impact on the person. Having seaweed (macro-algae) and decorations in the tank is also a factor and help the tank be more appealing to look at. The fish will also thank you for these!

2. A fish tank can calm hyperactivity disorders

The activity of simply watching a fish swim around has been shown to dramatically reduce symptoms of hyperactivity disorders. This effect is especially relevant for children. So if you’ve been considering buying a pet for your child, why not consider a home aquarium. Calming is only the tip of the iceberg as the child will also benefit by learning responsibility and can watch the fish grow and interact. Fish are also the most suitable choice of pet if you are renting and have restrictions.

3. Aquariums work to reduce pain

Interestingly enough, the calming effect of an aquarium is not only good for stress but also, pain. In some studies, patients needed less pain medication when they were exposed to watching an aquarium at the dentist. This is actually a reason why many doctors offices, dentists, and counsellors have aquariums in their waiting rooms!

We hope after reading this article, you have some insight into the benefits of owning an aquarium and have learned something new! If you have any questions always feel free to contact us or send an inquiry via our Facebook page.